Quality guide sample


  1. All job content must be inside CDATA sections to avoid issues processing your XML feed.
  2. Provide accurate and up-to-date content including removal of expired job listings.
  3. All jobs provided in your XML feed must be unique to your website.
  4. Provide the real company name for each job listing.
  5. The date provided for each job should indicate when the job was first published.
  6. The reference number provided for each job must be unique to that job.
  7. Do not provide job content loaded with extraneous or artificially modified content (i.e. keyword stuffing, etc).
  8. Make the full job description visible on the landing page the job seeker sees when they leave Jobsbump.
  9. Provide an apply option on the landing page the job seeker sees when they leave Jobsbump. That apply option must be to submit an application either to your site OR directly to the hiring company's web site.
  10. Provide 10 or more jobs through the feed. Sorted Newest to oldest. Only include new jobs in the feed.


Acceptable Use Policies:

  1. Provide job listings that are directly posted on your site. We do not accept jobs that are aggregated from other sources.
  2. URLs you provide must be permanent links directly to the job description.
  3. Do not charge a fee for a job seeker to apply to jobs. You may require a user log in to apply for a job.
  4. Do not display job listings provided by third parties on landing pages or during the apply process.


Character Encoding:

  1. Please provide the proper character encoding for your feed in the XML header.
  2. If you're not specifying the proper encoding your jobs may not be included by our feed processor.


Your feed will be disabled without notice if any of the following things happen:

  1. Include expired or closed jobs in your XML feed.
  2. Include jobs from other job boards in your XML feed.
  3. Require a login must not be required to view the full job details.
  4. Require the user to log in to view the job description.


If your feed is disabled you will need to contact us to reactive it.


XML Resources:

  1. http://schema.org/JobPosting
  2. http://www.w3schools.com/rss/rss_item.asp
  3. http://validator.w3.org/feed